Where Do You Start

Great! You have made the decision to start the process to buy a home. It may be your first home or it could be your last home, or somewhere in between. You know you have great credit, you think you have great credit, or you are just not sure about your credit. Where do you begin?


The first thing to consider is your financial qualifying. What are your credit scores? How much home can you afford? What is your debt to income? What loan program is best or you? Do you have the down payment necessary to purchase the home you would like?  What is your desired monthly mortgage payment?

These are just a few of the questions that you will have answered by becoming pre-approved for a mortgage. After you share your personal information, as your loan officer I will be able to access your credit and review your scores and credit profile.  With your shared income information, I will be able determine your debt to income ratio and your qualifying payment amount and mortgage amount. After a thorough analysis of all pertinent documents and information, I will be able to input your information into the automated underwriter for an approval recommendation.

Your Documents Needed

To properly assess your own personal situation, I will need to review your documents and personal information. The following documents/items are needed to start the loan application process.

  • Driver’s license or acceptable form of ID
  • Pay Stubs covering a 30 day work period
  • 2 months consecutive bank statement for all accounts
  • Tax Returns for the previous 2 years including W2’s/1099’s
  • Residence history for the past 2 years with contact info
  • Employment history for the past 2 years with contact info
  • Contact information for Homeowners insurance agent
  • Attorney preference, if any, for closing

First Time HomeBuyer

There are special programs with special guidelines available for first time home buyers with possible down payment assistance. Call your loan officer to discuss your qualifications and see if you will qualify for one of these programs.


Path2Buy Program

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home or your fourth, the process can be intimidating.

What is Path2Buy?

Path2Buy is a free homebuyer education program that connects future homebuyers with a certified Path2Buy Partner and provides the resources and education needed to transform consumers into homeowners.

Who can use Path2Buy?

Any individual who is interested in owning a home at any point should utilize Path2Buy. Often times, people don’t realize they’re only a few simple steps away from being able to own a home. Our Partners are available to provide the resources that help bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

When should I start using Path2Buy?

The sooner you start using Path2Buy, the closer you’ll be to owning your next home. There is no wrong time to use the program, however, starting the program sooner will equip you to be better prepared. Get in touch with a certified Path2Buy Partner today to learn how you can get on the path to purchasing your next home.

Call 704-385-7844 today or go on-line at http://path2buypartner.com/howard-jordan.